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Lyn West mature fetish masseuse in Manchester, petite and pretty with big boobs, offering fetish and reverse massage.

Fetish escort massage in Manchester.  Lyn will massage you at home in fetish role-play with reverse massage as a nun, schoolgirl, nurse, secretary... or in PVC and leather; as a slut, teacher or dominatrix, right here in Manchester!  Lyn West is mature & petite with huge boobs!

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Little Lyn West

Petite and sweet with huge boobs, but cheeky and naughty enough to need spanking, Lyn is everyone's perfect adult schoolgirl fantasy.

Mark her homework or her bottom, the choice is yours!

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Fantasy adult schoolgirl - Lyn West   
    Little Lyn needs to learn:
  • Stress relief massage
  • Reverse massage
  • Tit massage
  • Submission
  • Uniform removal
  • Detention & spanking
  • Headmaster punishment
  • Personal tuition

Call Lyn West now on:

07976 393215

Call Lyn now: 07976 393215

Welcome   :    Photo galleries   :    Rates & booking

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